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The ProSpreads Platform is unique in that it provides users with the same functionality that is available from a Direct Market Access broker.

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What is Direct Market Access (DMA) and why is it so good?

DMA is where a market participant is able to access the underlying market directly and compete with all the other participants.

The advantages of DMA are numerous and ultimately gives the user advanced trading functionality that professional traders demand when tackling today’s financial markets.

ProSpreads is able to offer DMA functionality via its spread betting platform and as a result attracts the serious speculator who is looking for that extra edge.

Platform Key Features

4 ways to Spread Bet

The ProSpreads platform allows you to trade in 4 different ways:
  1. Order ticket – This is the more traditional way of executing any order and is typically utilised by the longer term or less seasoned pro.
  2. Single click – This method is used by the more experienced individual, where speed and simplicity are important. A simple click of the mouse will instantly execute a ‘market’ on ‘limit’ order with a user defined default quantity.
  3. Depth of market – otherwise known as Level 2 execution. Users can place their orders on level 2 screen which shows the underlying depth of market.
  4. Ladder – The ladder is the most popular way to trade and allows the user to place the most common types of order on a dynamic depth of market screen. This is the scalpers choice for executing spread bet orders.

Whichever way you choose to execute your spread bet, ProSpreads will not restrict the level you place any of your orders. You are free to place your limit and stop orders at any price, including at a level which is inside the underlying market spread!

Speed of Execution

The ProSpreads platform utilises the most advanced execution technology, with a ‘Fix’ protocol connection to the underlying market. This connect enables ProSpreads to execute a spread bet with its clients often in a fraction of a second. Recent market volatility has meant that this speed of execution could be the difference between a winning and losing bet.

Price Transparency & No Re-Quotes

ProSpreads references its spread bet price directly from the underlying market price. This means that whatever the underlying price is, the spread bet equivalent will be reflected on the platform. So you cannot be re-quoted or have the spread bet price moved artificially against you.

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