Why ProSpreads?

ProSpreads is the market leading spread betting platform for spread bettors who want Direct Market Access functionality. The advantages of Direct Market Access (DMA) are numerous, allowing market participants to access the underlying market directly and ultimately delivering advanced trading functionality demanded by today’s serious speculators.


The ProSpreads platform is completely configurable to your own preference. Not just colour changes, but choosing the layout, which information you want to see and how you wish to execute your spread bets.

ProSpreads allows you to choose one of four different ways to execute your order:

  • Order Ticket
  • Single Click Trading
  • Level 2 Trading
  • Market Ladder


In the UK, profits generated from spread betting are free from capital gains tax. However tax laws can change and all individuals and higher rate tax payers should seek independent advice regarding their tax affairs.

ProSpreads clients have access to some of the tightest spreads for speculating on the major indices, currencies, commodities and equities.

ProSpreads can offer this because it references its prices directly from the underlying exchanges where thousands of market participants compete to trade. As a result of this liquidity and competition the spreads are often extremely narrow, resulting in ultra tight spreads offered by ProSpreads.

Because ProSpreads references the underlying markets, you will never be re-quoted. As long as underlying market price is available, the spread bet price will be available.


The ProSpreads platform utilises the same technology that professional bank traders use to execute their trades. When you click to Buy or Sell, you order is often filled in a fraction of a second. No waiting. No delays. No re-quotes!

As the ProSpreads platform mirrors the functionality of the underlying exchanges, you can often bid and offer inside the spread, or at any other price. So if you are buyer of the FTSE 100 for example, you are able to ‘join’ the bid or even bid inside the spread offered by ProSpreads, giving clients the ultimate flexibility in trade management.
In contrast, most other spread betting companies will not let clients join the bid or offer and limit orders have to be placed a minimum distance from the current spread.

Many spread betters complain about the prices offered by some of the other spread betting companies. This is because these clients are only referencing prices from one price maker with no competitive comparison.
In contrast, clients of ProSpreads directly reference their own prices from the underlying exchanges where thousands of market participants are competing for business, presenting them with the most competitive prices. Not only that, these prices are extremely reliable, as most of them represent actual client orders, meaning they will not be suddenly removed or adjusted against our clients.

ProSpreads provides Direct Market Access functionality enabling clients to see, not just the highest bid and lowest offer, but also all the underlying bids and offers outside the market spread.

This price transparency means clients can view all the orders above and below the underlying market – a useful tool when gauging potential support and resistance.

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